Refer to a friend and get a free bottle of R’s KOSO

2 min readFeb 23, 2023
R’s KOSO cleanse

Refer us to your friends and family and get a free bottle of R’s KOSO ($99 value).

Give your friends 15% off on their first order of $74+ and get a free bottle of R’s KOSO ($99 value) for each successful referral.

How does it work?

Referring to a friend is so easy!

Refer a friend to us by sharing your referral link with them. Once they purchase R’s KOSO through your referral link (using a 15% off code), you will get a free bottle code.

*The same shipping address cannot be considered a successful referral.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Go to this page:

2. Share your referral link

Several ways to share the referral link:

①Type your friend’s email address in the box

②Copy link and share it with your friend

③Other social media/messaging apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp

3. Your friend purchase R’s KOSO from your referral link

Your friend clicks the link and sees the below screen:

(He/she should use the promo code at checkout to get 15% off on their order, and to be eligible as a successful referral by you.)

*To get the discount code your friend will need to turn off the “Hide IP address” option in the Safari privacy settings.

4. After a successful referral, you will receive an email with a free bottle code.

(It will take 10 days for our system to send the free bottle code.)

If you have any questions, please reach us at

Let’s get started!




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